Here is a selection of my blogs, articles, etc., that can be found elsewhere.

Peer-reviewed articles

Radical politics and gay activism in the Republic of Ireland, 1974-1990 (Irish Studies Review)

History Today
The Suffragettes Who Became Communists

Making History, BBC Radio 4
When the Bolsheviks Came to Dublin – Helen Castor and I discussed my discovery of four Russian revolutionaries in post-Rising Dublin.

History Ireland
‘Red Easter’ Platon Mikhailovich Kerzhentsev, the first Soviet historian of Ireland

Pubs and Publications
An Insatiable Appetite for Anecdotes – Using the case of an Irish student disciplined for heavy drinking in 1930s Moscow, I discuss the relevance of quirky archival finds.

Fantastic Sources and Where to Find Them – The how and why of tracing living descendants for historical research.

Rambling for Research – Using the cityscape as an inspiration for historical research.

Vocab building for Historians – The benefits of language learning and how to go about it.

History to the Public
The Communist Table Tennis Conspiracy – Surveillance organisations often get things hilariously wrong. This 1930s table tennis conspiracy underlines the importance of context.

Northern Ireland under Soviet Eyes – How the Soviet Union mined the Northern Irish Troubles for propaganda ammunition to use against their Western opponents.

The Early Movement for Gay Rights in Ireland and the Marriage Referendum – The many parallels between the battle for gay rights in Ireland in the 70s and 80s and the 2015 Marriage referendum are explored.

An Interview with Liam Hogan (@LiamHogan) – Irish historian Liam Hogan recounts his quest to debunk the false history of ‘Irish Slavery’ online.

Trinity News
Union of Soviets in Ireland – Throughout the 60s and 70s, a curious Cold War fault line divided the Irish student movement. This article for the Trinity student paper discusses its origins.